SLOB (SPIE/ Baltic) FP 6 / FP 7 project list
FP 6
1 Mentoring of IST-Multipliers in Associate Candidate Countries Extension IST-MENTOR+ FP6-2002-IST 1_507704
2 Intensive Training Course EUROPRAXIS INCO-CT-2003-003308
3 Training Network for NCP and support organizations with special focus on Candidate countries in the areas of FOOD Quality and safety TRAINNET FUTURE FOOD-CT-2003-506518
4 Linking ACC and EU MS food sectors with a view to higher level of participation in FP6 FOODLINK INCO-CT-2004-003321
5 Boosting 4ACC NCPs and their customers to advan-ced partnership, entrepre-neurship and competitive-ness for FP6 participation through expanded area of action by networking , training and catching BOOSTING BALTICS INCO-CT-2004-510408
6 Partner Search Support for participants in IST Priority by European network of NCP for IST under the 6th Framework Program IDEALIST 34 ERAS-CT-2004-511355
7 Stimulating, Encouraging and Facilitating the Participation of ACC Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Research Organizations to FP6 STEF-NANO-ACC NMPT-CT-2004-003371
8 Building Useful NCP Networks BUSNET INCO-CT-2004-003336
9 Stimulating participation of Central Europe Agri-Food Sector in the FP 6 CEAF FOOD-CT-2004-510409
10 Mentoring of LifeSciHeatth -Multipliers in the Accession Candidate Countries LSH-ACC-Mentor 512010
11 Supporting Network in the Baltic Candidate Countries NBCC INCO-CT-2004-510463
12 Integrating the Associated Candidate Countries into the 6th Framework Programme through networking activities and improved NCP services INTEGRATING ACC INCO-CT-2004-510433
13 IST-Financial Training and Web Portal for NMS FINANCE-NMS-IST IST-2004.-015481
14 "CO-ordination by Best Practice exchange and Knowledge building by the NMP-NCPs in an Enlarged European Research Society COORERS NMP1-CT-2004-011800
15 "Integreting and strengthening the European Research Area" PRO-NMS 016015 PRO-NMS
16 "Academic Internet Television network Showcases the best of good practice activities" ATVN-EU-GP IST-2005-016020
FP 7
1 "Trans-national co-operation among Research Potential NCPs" ResPotNet FP7-REGPOT-2007-4
2 Trans-national co-operation among National Contact Points for Socioeconomic sciences and the Humanities (SSH NCPs)" NET4SOCIETY FP7-SSH-2007-1
3 "Coordination action to improve trans-national co-operation of NCPs REGIONAL" TRANS REG NCP FP7-REGIONS -2007-3
4 "Promoting International Cooperation for Environmental Research Through Dissemination and Networking Activities" INT-ER-LINK INTERLINK-037116
5 "European Research Infrastructures Network of National Contact Points" EuroRIs-Net FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1
6 "Trans-national Cooperation among ICT NCP" Idealist 2011 FP7-ICT-2007-3