The International Society for Applied Optics

The Society is a professional non-profit organization registered in the Republic of Latvia, # 000800722. It was founded on 13 May, 1994, to promote the exchange of information and the technical activities on optical engineering, photonics, applied optics, biomedical optics and related areas.

About 30 individual and corporate members of the Society are registered; the membership has tendency to grow.

The main activities include recognition and involvement of optics professionals from Latvia, dissemination of optics-related periodicals, newsletters and conference announcements, presentation of optical products developed and manufactured in Latvia at international exhibitions and trade shows.

The main events organized by the Society are three International Conferences ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS AND DEVICES in Riga (AOMD 96, 26-29.08.1996;; AOMD-3, 19-22.08.2002, and AOMD-6, 24-27.08.2008). The conference proceedings are published:

- SPIE Proc. Vol. 2967 "Optical Inorganic Dielectric Materials and Devices", ed. A. Krumins, D. K. Milllers, A. Sternberg, J. Spigulis;

- SPIE Proc. Vol. 2968 "Optical Organic and Semiconductor Inorganic Materials", ed. E. A. Silinsh, A. Medvid, A. R. Lusis, A. O. Ozols;

- SPIE Proc. Vol. 5122 "Advanced Organic and Inorganic Optical Materials", ed. A. Kruminsh, D. Millers, I. Muzikante, A. Sternbergs, V. Zauls, 2003, 442 p.;

- SPIE Proc. Vol. 5123 "Advanced Optical Devices, Technologies, and Medical Applications", ed. J. Spigulis, J. Teteris, M. Ozolinsh, A. Lusis, 2003, 364 p.

- SPIE Proc. Vol. 7142 Advanced Optical Materials and Devices, ed. J. Spigulis et al., 2008 (in press).


Since year 1999 the Society (initially Latvian Branch of SPIE/Baltic) has a mandatory agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Latvia to host and support the practical activities of the Latvian National Contact Point team - individual experts, researchers and academics from various RTD institutions, promoting the EC research programmes in Latvia. Acting together they have contributed significantly to the success of the RTD community of Latvia in FP5, FP6 and FP7 calls for proposals. The success rate of Latvia in FP5 was about 30%, and about 22 % in FP6 which is higher than the average in the EU as well as in the new member states. This impressive success rate confirms professional experience of the Society and ensures that its participation as a partner in future projects consortiums would provide added value and contribute to successful implementation and outcome of the project. The Society has coordinated a number of successful FP6 and FP7 projects.


Board of the Society

Janis Spigulis, chairman

Arnolds Ubelis, Board member

Inga Shirante, Board member