National projects
Project No. Project leader


LZP2018/33 A.Ļihačovs

Fast and non-contact optical estimation of microorganisms activity

01.12.2018  -  31.11.2020
LZP2018/34 I.Ļihačova

Skin cancer early diagnostics accuracy improvement by using neural

01.12.2018  -  31.11.2020
LZP2018/31 J. Spīgulis Progresīva spektrālās attēlošanas tehnoloģija ādas diagnostikai 01.12.2018. - 31.11.2020.
LZP2018/13 A. Atvars

Optical whispering gallery mode microresonator sensors

31.08.2018. - 31.08.2021.
LZP2018/8 R.Viter

Development of novel 1D ZnO/Polydopamine core shell nanostructures with advanced structure, electronic, optical and sensitive properties

31.08.2018. - 31.08.2021.
ZD2016/20223 A. Ūbelis

Upgraded MAXDOAS instrument for validation of atmospheric spectra sensors on Earth satellites platforms and independent tests of air quality in Riga

16.08.2016. - 28.02.2017.
ZD2016/20227 R. Viter

Joint research efforts of Z-LIGHT Ltd and FOTONIKA-LV (LU) towards application of fibre optics in the area of biosensor’s and in devices based on quantum and plasma Technologies

16.08.2016. - 28.02.2017.
ZD2016/20241 A. Atvars

The development and testing immune to electromagnetic interference high temperature sensor and preparation of the common project proposal for Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 call

16.08.2016. - 31.12.2017.
ZD2016/20242 A. Atvars

Feasibility study of diode spectrometer and preparation of project proposals for Horizon 2020 SME Instrument calls

12.09.2016. - 31.01.2017.
ZD2016/20228 A. Atvars

Innovative Boron Ion source for the next generation ion implant devices

16.08.2016. - 31.01.2017.
ZD2016/20243 A. Krauze

Research on application MHD levitation in large size high-purity crystal growth

12.09.2016. - 31.01.2017.
ZD2016/20222 A. Ūbelis

High power electron beam source prototype design for industrial applications

16.08.2016. - 31.12.2016.
ZD2013/2910 A. Ūbelis Development of technical proposal of ion implants for spatial
semiconductor crystals
ZD2014/2973 A. Ūbelis Method development for passivation of ultra pure germanium crystal surface 25.08.2014.-31.12.2014.
ZD2014/2974 A. Ūbelis Disorbcijas procesu pētījumi no cietas virsmas 01.10.2014.-30.06.2015.
ZD2010/6197 (Z-6197-109) A.Skudra/ I.Bērsons Optical processes in low-temperature plasma and living tissues, and interaction of laser-radiation with atoms 01.01.2010.-31.12.2010.
TOP 2008/2451 (T-2451-109) R.Erts Development of a functional neuro-stimulation prototype device 01.08.2008.-31.03.2010.
ZD2009/1486 (A-1486-109) A.Ūbelis Research on processing of hydroxapatite powder in RF plasma and depositon on surface with defined electrical potential 14.12.2009.-31.12.2010.
ZD2010/26504 (Y3-26504-109) J. Spīgulis   New materials and technologies for evaluation and replacement of biolgical tissues 03.06.2010.-31.12.2010
Y5-AZ35-109 J. Spīgulis Academic staff retention for implementation of the research projects at IAPS 01.01.2010.–31.08.2010.



Administrative and technical support of the research at IAPS 01.01.2010.-30.11.2010.
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